Sunday, November 29, 2009

My reflections on Poles singing in English

Poles love to sing in English. We complain that our language is to hard for writing lyrics, so we use English as an easier medium to translate thoughts into words. Trust me, a love song in polish needs to be a literary masterpiece in order to be acceptable. And, to be frank, I have nothing against singing in English when you know how to do it. Sadly, most singers don't and I divided them into 2 categories.

Those who have never seen a word written in English, and they try to sing what they hear :

You can clearly see that she must have learned it from the music video. But when they realize that it takes something more to sing in English - they eventually look at the lyrics and try to pronounce English words to the best of their knowledge, sadly, they rarely realize that singing in English and speaking in English are two different things (starting at 1:11):

And finally, there are those who know how to sing in English :

(Yes, I know I cheated - Mika's English native, but that's just because no other singer comes to my mind right now)


Ok, Basia Trzetrzelewska (try to pronounce it :P) must have learned English instead of acquiring it.

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